How to Create Web Service in ASP.NET

When large groups of web developers gather to talk about their favorite languages and frameworks, names like Java, Python, PHP, and React often come up in the conversation. These languages and frameworks are behemoths in the programming community, but their ranks have swelled recently with the addition of ASP.NET as a mainstay. This framework is engaged in over 37 million websites, and the usage certainly exceeds that of Java or Ruby.

There are many convincing reasons to build your website and its services with this framework, but a basic understanding of how to create web service in ASP.NET is recommended before you jump on any projects. We are here to give you the rundown on ASP.NET and answer your questions about development.

What is ASP.NET?

Microsoft is the company behind this creation, and they built it jointly with .NET, a major framework applied in development for Windows devices. Although ASP.NET was replaced with a functionally superior version called ASP.NET Core in 2015, Microsoft continues to release updates to ASP.NET and programmers continue using it and contributing to its thriving open-source ecosystem.

Features and benefits

  • Broad platform support
  • Great language variety
  • Vigilant process monitoring
  • Speed of development and runtime

Associated stack

How ASP.NET Development Usually Takes Place

  1. The preparatory stage
  2. Coding, routing, and configuring users
  3. First deployment and testing
  4. Bugfix and further testing
  5. Deployment on product server

Types of ASP.NET Development Services

  1. Web apps
  2. APIs
  3. MVC apps
  4. Refactoring and optimization
  5. Integration (Cloud, CMS)
  6. Mobile development
  7. Desktop apps

For companies in need of these services, the learning process can be a bit overwhelming. Though plenty of educational materials are available from Microsoft and other providers, serious projects will require in-depth knowledge and skills to deliver at a high level of quality. As most businesses lack the relevant specialists or the time to train them, they commonly hire partners and companies ready to provide specialists or distributed teams.

How to Find the Right ASP.NET Development Company

Program-Ace is upfront about the ASP.NET services we provide and our experience. You can find a selection of the projects we have worked on in our portfolio, or give us a specification and we will gladly share the relevant examples. Our specialists are ready to tackle your project in any relevant capacity, and it would be an honor to help you with your next ASP.NET project (Core/MVC, front/backend, etc.). All it takes to get started is sending us a message.

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