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Blockchain rapidly broke into the gaming world and built up a new market segment. Web3 blockchain-based games are gaining popularity, attracting crypto enthusiasts and gamers looking for enhanced experiences.

Such a demand started a rise of blockchain game companies actively exploring the landscape of solutions available for play-to-earn (P2E) games. So, suppose you are planning to enter this market with a brand-new gaming product. In this case, you have a strong chance to get support from a reliable Web3 game development company that has already delivered successful projects in this domain.

When you decide to rely on an experienced partner, you get access to its advanced expertise that will help you avoid common downfalls and manage your project more efficiently. However, first, you need to find a truly trustworthy vendor. And we will aid you here by providing a list of top blockchain gaming companies we’ve hand-picked as worthy of your attention.

State of the Blockchain Gaming Companies Market

2022 brought a set of challenges for the blockchain industry. Nevertheless, the gaming sector managed to overcome them with grace, experiencing a 94.17% increase in Web3 game transaction count in 2022.

Due to overall economical instability, the yearly investments dipped towards the end of the year, though the interest in blockchain game studios remained persistent and promising. Top investment destinations included the US, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, and the UK.

The major shift happens within companies’ gaming models. Originally, two types of blockchain games, play-to-earn (P2E) and walk-to-earn (W2E) prevailed, mainly attracting cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. Now, the market moves to the next development step, introducing new models like free-to-own or play-and-earn.

At the same time, blockchain-powered games are experiencing another rebirth thanks to the inflow of developers from traditional gaming. When entering the blockchain gaming industry, they bring the best Web2 practices alongside, like the creation of more engaging content, the predominance of players’ experience over the opportunity to earn, and community building.

Altogether, the future looks hopeful for blockchain game development companies. The gaming industry is responsible for almost half of the unique active wallets in daily blockchain activity. Current trends show that this game segment will only become more robust. It will likely attract more users interested in a fully-fledged gaming experience combined with digital asset ownership and enhanced decentralization.

How We Picked the Best Blockchain Game Studios

When you are starting searching for gaming companies using blockchain, you won’t struggle to gather a list of available vendors that provide this type of service. On the contrary, you may encounter a challenge of another kind, which would be picking a partner that you will match on a sufficient level to ensure efficient and fruitful cooperation.

A thorough search on B2B directories like Clutch or GoodFirms, as well as a simple Google search will give you a sense of the options you have. At the same time, to help you navigate the market, we have carefully selected top gaming blockchain companies that deliver high-quality products and provide top-notch client services.

To pick vendors to recommend, we have chosen the next criteria:

  • Tech expertise: we have highlighted the companies that possess the necessary tech knowledge in the field of Web3, blockchain, and game development to be able to deliver fully-fledged, high-quality blockchain gaming solutions.
  • Strong portfolio: all the vendors we mention have a significant number of successfully delivered projects that prove their expertise and experience as reliable blockchain development partners.
  • Positive feedback: we have made a thorough research on every company you can find in our list; we pay attention to customers’ testimonials to verify their ability to provide customer services on a decent level and develop first-rate digital solutions.
  • Established processes: a tested and proven development process is a guarantee of successful project implementation, hence, we check beforehand if a blockchain development company we suggest has built a clear and comprehensive algorithm for project planning, building, and release.

Of course, it is only the tip of the iceberg you need to contemplate when you are choosing a software development vendor. Other aspects like communication style, risk mitigation abilities, agility, etc. play a no less important role. However, these factors are much more personalized and are more about two different businesses finding common grounds and sharing common core values.

You may comprehend this level of compatibility with a certain vendor through personal communication, which can happen during the further stages of your acquaintance. However, to get there, you need to start a dialogue with potential partners, and our list can become an entry point for that.

Top Blockchain Gaming Companies

So, after a thorough analysis of dozens of blockchain gaming companies, we have selected the top ten we consider worthy of your attention. All of them match the criteria we’ve described previously and proved themselves as trustable for long-term cooperation and the complex projects that are possible in the blockchain industry.

1. Game-Ace

Game-Ace is a leading game development studio that specializes in blockchain, NFT, and metaverse games as well as confidently gains positions in the Web3 gaming niche. The company’s portfolio also includes a set of solid slot games supported by creative art generated by a team of top artists, designers, and animators.

As its parent company Program-Ace, Game-Ace has explored Web3 capacities and obtained deep expertise in blockchain technologies, which allows the team to leverage all its benefits for the client’s good. At the same time, the team aims to create games with a high level of interactiveness as well as exclusive 2D and 3D graphics to provide players with the immersive experience they are excited about.

Game-Ace’s goal is to make clients’ ideas become reality. To ensure high-level services, the team leverages the best Agile development practices, thorough quality assurance, constant support and guidance on every step of development. Game-Ace also offers AR/VR services to power up even more engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Game-Ace’s specialists will be glad to guide you through the world of blockchain for gaming and help you reveal its potential for your projects.

2. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a prominent US-based software development company providing blockchain gaming services since 2019. The company offers full-cycle development of various digital solutions, starting from web and mobile software, which eventually expanded into a wide scope of services.

In the niche of blockchain gaming, the LeewayHertz team offers the creation of next-generation blockchain, Web3, and metaverse projects built on top of various blockchain ecosystems. Overall, the company has delivered dozens of projects to businesses of various sizes and industries, including some Fortune 500 companies and other notable players in the respective markets.

3. Cubix

Another blockchain development company located in the US, Cubix, approaches the creation of blockchain-based games thoroughly, striving to add special value to the gaming experience. The company has operated in the market of digital product development since 2008, delivering dozens of award-winning projects over the years.

Cubix has gathered a strong team of experts who are ready to contribute their knowledge and skills to the creation of blockchain and NFT games. The company guarantees high security and efficient development process for their clients.

4. Unicsoft

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, the UK-based company Unicsoft has mastered the development of blockchain games in different genres, from action to MMORTS projects. The company focuses on products built on cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, AI/ML, and cloud computing.

This allows the team to obtain deep knowledge of the tech industry state and leverage the current trends and innovations for their customers’ benefit. Unicsoft supports a wide range of blockchain networks and other relevant tools, which expands its capacities to customize blockchain solutions and create products that will perfectly match the needs of clients.

5. Moonmana

Moonmana, a game development company with headquarters in Poland, has been successfully operating in the GameDev industry since 2008. The company provides various GameDev services, including the development of NFT and blockchain-powered games of different genres.

This studio has delivered a bunch of successful NFT games and established a development process that allows building, testing, and releasing projects efficiently. Due to their vast experience and deep understanding of the gaming industry, Moonmana manages to successfully combine the core aspects of clients’ businesses with the enhanced capacities NFT can contribute to gaming mechanics.

6. Webllisto

The US-based vendor Webllisto provides a huge scope of blockchain solutions, and blockchain-powered gaming is one of those services. The company highlights Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and MATIC as the leading blockchain technologies they focus on to provide robust development resulting in high-quality gaming solutions.

Webllisto covers almost any needs a client might have regarding blockchain development, starting from conceptualizing and building a blockchain or NFT game from scratch to shifting traditional Web2 games to blockchain platforms.

7. Sara Technologies

Sara Technologies, an innovative IT company from the US, wholly focuses on cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, NFT, metaverse, and AI/ML in their service line. The team carefully approaches the blockchain game development, from preparations and thorough concept analysis to ongoing software support.

The team of blockchain developers guarantees the creation of unique and comprehensive blockchain platforms for gamers to tap into new gaming opportunities and enhance their skills. The concentrated expertise in the fields allows Sara Technologies to implement robust strategies for crypto game development, ensuring complete transparency and an extremely high level of security.

8. Maticz Technologies

The Indian blockchain development company Maticz Technologies merges its extensive expertise in blockchain and NFT niches with in-depth knowledge of AI, IoT, and cloud services. The team leverages Ethereum, TRON, EOS, BSC, Stellar, Avalanche, and others to provide new value for gamers and ignite their interest in blockchain.

Maticz Technologies has built and released a variety of blockchain and NFT-related products, proving that it is one of the market players who deserve attention from clients seeking the support of a strong blockchain development vendor.

9. Lumighost Ltd.

Lumighost, a GameDev provider based in the UK, delivers 2D and 3G games, enhancing them through blockchain and NFT art objects the company tailors to clients’ projects. The company focuses on P2E games and games with various mechanics to diversify the gamers’ experience and introduce Web3-powered opportunities.

The company divides its production process into three stages: pre-production with the preparation of all necessary preliminary documentation, building, which includes the creation of alpha and beta versions and a soft MVP launch, and LiveOps, which implies game improvement based on user feedback.

10. KBG Blockchain Game Studios

Vietnamese Blockchain Game Studios has already released 9 signatures and around 1000 casual blockchain-based games with the purpose to speed up blockchain adoption. The company’s only focus is blockchain game development and GameFi art creation, making it a highly experienced partner in the field.

The company offers a full cycle of blockchain game development. The team has mastered the full stack of technologies required for blockchainization and supplements it with various creative services like 3D art creation, character, and art asset development, as well as game trailer production and release.

Game-Ace’s Blockchain Game Development Services

Blockchain gaming has a chance to become the prominent future of the gaming industry, or at least claim a significant market share in the upcoming years. While other GameDev companies are hesitant to explore something new for them, you can gain a competitive advantage, conquering new niches and audiences through the implementation of blockchain and NFT technologies to your gaming products.

Game-Ace, a leading game development company, knows how to combine gaming with blockchain and achieve success. We offer a full cycle of development for blockchain and NFT games, ensuring that your game leverages the whole potential of the Web3 concept, as well as stays engaging and exciting for gamers. Our team also includes 2D and 3D artists who will provide you with unique and tailored artwork that will make your game stand out among its competitors in the field.

Contact us to learn how we can help you turn your idea into a fully-fledged blockchain gaming project.

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