Top 6 Places to Hire Django Developers

Today, over 82 thousand websites use Django, including popular services like The Motley Fool, Prezi, and Pixabay. This form of Python has shown remarkable growth and resilience over the years, and is in high demand to this day. With this in mind, there has never been a better time to hire Django developers than now; but you need the right approach. This is where we can help.

We have gathered all the information you need to get the best Django specialists in the field at an affordable rate and under the conditions most suitable for you.

Whether you have already cooperated with such coders and want to refine your search methods or are a newbie looking to hire Django experts for the first time, this guide will have you covered.

Whether you are looking for just one developer or an entire team we know how to help you

Which Projects are Best for Python Django Outsourcing?

  1. REST APIs. The popular framework is associated with a special toolkit for building REST APIs quickly, and which has been implemented by major companies like Mozilla and Heroku.
  2. Back-end applications. Though the framework is also used in frontend development, it truly shines in the backend. This is where the admin panel allows quick website management with very limited coding.
  3. Secure and scalable apps. Applications are afforded built-in protections against XSS, CSRF, and SQL vulnerabilities. Vertical scaling is easy and horizontal scaling is accessible with the right tools.
  4. CRM systems. A lot of data goes into sales and client management, so many coders choose Django as a way to manage it with ease.
  5. Apps with deep data analysis. Python is already popular for making big data solutions, but the additional framework makes it simpler to add various interactive options and functionality to the applications.

Where to Hire Django Developers?

1. Research agencies

2. Search Engines

3. Upwork

4. Toptal

5. Django Jobs

6. LinkedIn

What is the Cost of a Django Developer Hire?

Average annual rates in the U.S. tend to range between $70K and $150K (or $40–80 hourly), while the same position in Ukraine tends to bring in $26K to $60K. Ukraine as a whole is a great company to hire coders from, given the comparatively low rates and abundance of young, talented specialists looking for work.

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